I'm training

2009-09-29 09:33:42 by Woven

Well, I missed the boat, and Stryker 3 is remaining unfinished for a long time. The reason, I'm taking Animation at Algonquin College, and home work is so mad, I can't really fit the time to animate Stryker. Plus, the longer I wait, the better the animation could be. Well, um... update at Chistmas maybe...

Stryker 3 in the works.

2009-07-26 18:31:59 by Woven

Just to let all 4 of my fans know, Stryker 3 has been recorded as of March, but I haven't been to crazy on actually animating it... until NOW!!!! I NEED to get it done before school starts again, so hopefully sometime in August.

Here's a preview it's 8:30 long!!!

Over the summer I'm going to make a film, starring myself, trying to survive in a forest for a whole week with no tools or survival experience. Help is close, so it's not suicide, but it's going to be a challenge for me and hopefully a hilarious DVD.

Check out the Facebook group fore more details http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/grou p.php?gid=47371929397


That's right! That movie you gave a 3/5 has a sequel and it's nearing completion. I've put nearly 100 hours into this, so this isn't no stick figure or sprite flash my friends. Just pure Stryker. Tell your friends. And if you are the one person who read this, good job!